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Warlord Games' Armoury restocked

Warlord Games have restocked the Armoury section of their online store. Celt Upgrade Sprue From their announcement:
The Armoury is the area of the Warlord Games webstore where you can find accessories for your armies. Whether you want helmets, rifles, pikes, shield or indeed anything similar The Armoury is where it’s at. This week we add a few new items to it’s racks…
  • Celt Upgrade Sprue
  • Pike & Shotte Highlander weapons
  • Pike & Shotte Morion helmets (2 types)
  • Pike & Shotte Broad-brimmed hats
There’re plenty more interesting items to be had in The Armoury. Head over and customise your army a bit - everything you buy from us during August is post free worldwide.