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Warlord Games Announces Upcoming Releases For Beyond the Gates of Antares

We recently saw some of the cool things that the Freeborn will be getting to go along with the upcoming expansion, The Chryseis Shard – Ascent of the Locus, for Beyond the Gates of Antares. But what about some of the other factions? Well, they've put up some previews for them, too.

From the announcement:

Do you want a look ahead into the future of Antares? We thought you might!

The Chryseis Shard – Ascent of the Locus supplement is fast approaching, starting this Friday 26th May, the Freeborn are getting NEW plastics!

The Boromites are also getting a few new units alongside The Chryseis Shard – In Stores 1st July!

As a response to these new units, in July, the Algoryn are going to be setting a Hazard and a Command squad loose on the battlefield! But we want to show you these…you were not expecting special forces…here they are!