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Warlord Games Announces New Releases

Warlord Games Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

Aside from having a great name the Opel Blitz was the unsung hero of the German armed forces in all theatres. Over a dozen versions of this reliable truck saw service during the war and we introduce the Blitz to you in two forms. We have two versions of this classic German truck – one with the canvas tilt removed, showing the supporting struts and open cargo area as seen above.And we also have a version with canvas tilt raised, covering the cargo area. You’ll also notice the Blitz comes with separate doors which give you a few modelling options as well as allowing access to the interior for drivers/passengers.

Speaking of drivers, although not shown in the photos here, the Opel Blitz is supplied with a driver utilising our Figure Head system of separate heads. This means which a quick head swap this great German truck can be used in any theatre of the war where the forces of the Third Reich to to the field of battle.

You can pick up both versions of this ubiquitous German truck (any loads more great vehicles) in the Warlord webstore.

Any orders over £50 GBP are being sent shipping free worldwide - otherwise there is a nominal £1 GBP per order postage charge no matter where you live!