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Warlord Games Announces Konflikt '47 and New Edition of Bolt Action

Warmachine and Hordes aren't the only games in town getting a new edition. Warlord Games has announced that Bolt Action, their game of WWII combat, is also getting a new edition. Though this one doesn't sound like such a big change as we can be expecting from Privateer Press for their games. The new rules for Bolt Action will not make the current army books, theater books, or models obsolete.

Along with the new edition of Bolt Action, Warlord is also expanding into the "Weird War II" genre of games with Konflikt '47. The rules for the game were inspired by Bolt Action, but it's a fully separate game. Well, it's kind of a fully-separate games. The figures for Bolt Action will be usable in Konflikt '47. Think of it like an add-on expansion you can ignore if you want to just stick with strictly historical themes.

Bolt Action 2 (Bolt Harder) will be out this fall while Konflikt '47 is coming this summer.