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Warlord Games Announce New Releases

Warlord Games announce new releases:

From their announcement:

New Bolt Action Hetzer tank destroyer. It’s back and better than ever! With all new tracks and running gear this ever-popular little 28mm (1/56th scale) tank hunter is just what you need to fend off the Allied armour.

The Hetzer (German for ‘Baiter’) was a light tank destroyer based on the Czechoslovakian Pz 38t chassis which was captured during the annexation of that country by German forces. Also known as the Jagdpanzer 38t, the Hetzer succeeded the Marder III tank destroyer and by the end of the war 2,854 had been built.

Its small size and low profile made it an ideal tank hunter and was the most commonly faced tank destroyer the Allies would come across. With it’s 75 mm PaK 39 L/48 gun was able to destroy nearly all allied or soviet tank types in service at long ranges (with the exception of heavy tanks) and its fully enclosed armour protection made it a safer vehicle to crew than the open-topped Marders.The Hetzer mounted a remote-controlled machine gun atop the fighting compartment which could be fired from within the vehicle. Whilst this proved very popular with the Hetzer’s crews it did need reloading from the exterior of the vehicle.

Hetzer not cutting it for you? Cut to the chase and get the awesome Jagdpanther! You can get your hands on both of these German tank destroyers on the Warlord Games webstore. Don't forget shipping is just £1 per order worldwide or FREE if your order exceeds £50...