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Warlord Games and Empress Miniatures Announce a New Game: Zulu!

Warlord Games and Empress Miniatures announce a new game, Zulu!:

From their announcement:

Warlord Games and Empress Miniatures are about embark on a very exciting venture as we bring you plastic Anglo Zulu War miniatures and a whole lot more!

Empress Miniatures have a great standing as purveyors of finely sculpted Anglo Zulu Wars miniatures (amongst others) and we’re delighted they agreed to join us on this exciting venture. Add in Warlord games’ track record with plastic, resin and metal miniatures and you can be sure the results will be spectacular.

At Salute in London earlier this year we showed off the 3-up master sculpts of our British Line Infantry, Married Zulus and Unmarried Zulus. We’ve been quietly working away to turn these into finished products you can get your eager hands on. There’s not long to wait now!

We’ve received the first test sprues of the Unmarried Zulus and how nice do they look! Over the next few weeks we’ll be showing off and releasing Unmarried Zulus, Married Zulus, British redcoats and a welter of extra goodies for the range. As ever, keep an eye on our weekly email newsletter as well as our website and Empress’ website.

The first plastic set we’ll be unleashing on the wargaming world is our unmarried Zulus boxed set. As you can see from the miniatures above (expertly painted by none other than Andres Amian Fernandez) there is bags of character and movement in the set. What you can;t see is the sheer number of head and arm options available on the sprue. Aside from the plastics each box will contain Empress Metal miniatures to add further value to the set.

Hot on the heels of the unmarried warriors are the married Zulus followed by plastic British Line Infantry. Early in the New Year the plastic Natal Native Contingent will be available.. As soon as we have plastics in hand we’ll bring you images. All of these sets have been researched and created in conjunction with renowned experts on the Anglo Zulu War.

You can’t have failed to have noticed these stunning terrain pieces, as designed buy our old pals at 4-Ground. Anyone with an ounce of decency will immediately recognise them as the Storehouse and hospital at Rorke’s Drift. These two laser cut wooden buildings for the centrepiece for our Rorke’s Drift set and are ably supported by loads of superb resin terrain pieces. We’ll be showing these off in a future newsletter soon.

Loads of new plastics and loads of great new terrain but that’s not all! Empress are not resting on their laurels – they are still commissioning new sculpts and you’ll find plenty more being added the range yet.

Hang on to your sun hat – this is going to be a hell of a ride! Usuthu!