Warlands and Rezolution at Origins 2010

Aberrant will be showing their Warlands and Rezolution games at Origins 2010.

From their announcement:

Aberrant are pleased to announce that Warlands and Rezolution products will be at Origins 2010 convention from June 24th – June 27th 2010. Fox Miniatures will be carrying selected items from both Warlands and Rezolution at booth 209. As a convention exclusive there will be limited numbers of the Warlands Sand Surfers for sale available for the first time before the models are released officially on July 1st.

There are Warlands and Rezolution events throughout the weekend including, amongst others, Warlands games with big wasteland battles and the Death Race as well as the Rezolution Origins Cup and the Rezolution Big Bash. Pick-up games and demos are available as time and space permits

Come and find us in the Miniatures hall or swing by the Fox Miniatures Booth.