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Warheads Issue 4 previews begin

Urban Mammoth have begun posting previews of the miniatures that will be a part of Issue 4 of their Warheads fantasy skirmish game. From their announcement:
After a long hiatus we are finally ready to start previewing characters from Warheads: Medieval Tales issue4. In this chapter, Hugo and Gui find themselves the guests of grateful villagers in Herefordshire, who had been terrorised by the Jabberwock. But they’re not the only newcomers in town. With the lord of the manor away fighting, the Shire Reeve and his constables have come to see that law and order prevail. Also a party of strangely vertically-challenged Vikings have turned up on a mission to slay monsters, but finding none available, have decided to stay and drink until they can see monsters. So what now for our intrepid adventurers— Hugo needs to find out how to obtain the next part of his magic potion, and Gui needs to interfere. Let the fun commence.