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Warheads Issue 4 available for free download

Urban Mammoth have posted issue 4 of their Warheads: Medieval Tales fantasy game. From their announcement:
With the mighty Jabberwock slain, the grateful villagers invite Sir Hugo and Gui to sample their hospitality, much to their ultimate distress as those two boys just can’t play nice. Into this volatile mix stumbles the world’s last Viking raiding party, who’ve come to slay monsters, take plunder and win great glory like in the good old days. The scene is set for some town based mayhem in and around the small Herefordshire settlement of Much Stoatley. Issue 4 adds rules for working for a living, and the skills of perform, berserk and fateweaving. There are six exciting battles to be fought, including a whopping double sized battle involving more miniatures than you can shake a cocktail stick at.Thorkell.  All the best, Warheads Team