Warhammer Ogre Kingdom previews

By tgn_admin
In Age of Sigmar
Aug 1st, 2011

Photos of painted examples of new Ogre Kingdoms models for Warhammer Fantasy have leaked onto the internet. If anyone knows the original source of these photos (Ogre Stronghold I suspect) please post the source in the comments so I can credit them

Update: the photos were originally posted by Ogre Stronghold member murmandamus.

  • Mananarepublic

    These are totally sick and I want them all… so cool!


  • Bellygrub

    I love the more savage direction these have gone.

  • KelRiever

    Down on the movement to bigger models, but, well, it IS Ogres after all. And these look good. So they get a pass in my book. Now all we need to know is if the rules will continue to be all screwed up….

  • The March Rider

    The mounts in preview 3 look like a cross between Rhinox and Sabertusk. Something new and very interesting for sure!

  • The mounts look like good basis to convert ‘official tournament legal’ thunderwolves for 40K…


    • artbot_24

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. A creature that’s meant to be beefy, instead of a wolf on ‘roids.

    • The March Rider

      Good point on the mounts. I’d also love to see the Bloodhorn head on a Bloodthirster, though the scale would be massively off less you had the Forgeworld model.

  • maxxev

    For starters the big beast looks like a my little pony with a mutant head.

    Half of those beasts wouldn’t possible be able to eat without the prey jumping into their mouths due to their tusks (mammoths have trunks to eat with, what do these creatures use).

    But I guess it gives me an excuse to convert a proper mammoth up.

    • Zac

      For starters the big beast looks like a my little pony with a mutant head.

      Really? I’d don’t see any sparkles and long brightly coloured flowing tails.

    • scottjm

      Yeah, the mammoth looks ridiculous. The big super tusks look utterly silly. Not only wouldn’t it be able to eat, but walking/running would be a pain for this creature as the tusks seem to be practically dragging on the ground.

      • heid611

        Its a Fantasy wargame, I’m not sure that realism should have much, if any, place in model design…

  • Shades

    Holy crap, those are fine models. Now that’s what it’s all about, GW. Bravo! You might scratch your way back from the shame gallery yet.

  • CaffeineBoy

    Those are pretty dang sick… if they’re plastic and not ::shudder:: Finecrapped, I will be buying several. Woe unto my wallet.

  • Very nice. But because they are GW the haters will come out.

    • Zac

      Can I be the first one to say that I hate the term “haters”? 🙂

      • Don’t hate the hater, hate the game.

        Ill get my hat and close the door behind me. 😉

        • -DE-

          Very bad. But because they are GW the fanbois will come out.

          See what I did there?

          • Veritas

            The rabid GW fanboys don’t hang out on TGN so much. If you REALLY want to see that sort of thing try Warseer or BoLS.

          • -DE-

            I have. THE PAIN.

  • Haibane

    Really liking the Mammoth, but the the head really ruins it for me. Kinda like the retarded Minotaurs they did. I know they don’t have to follow people’s expectations of what they should look like, but it is kinda jolting when they don’t…

  • warpcrafter

    I believe I am in love. Is that wrong? Because I care not!

  • Darsc Zacal

    While I really appreciate GW coming out with larger monster kits, the style of these holds no appeal for me. Throw in the over the top tusks and the undead characteristics that the larger beasts appear to have and these are all a pass for me.

    There do look to be some interesting bitz though. I like the bound Empire soldier hanging from the rope.

    • Zac

      They are over-the-top, and the Ironbelcher looks utterly improbable but there is something, to me at least, appealing about the utter lack of rationality behind the designs 🙂

    • Veritas

      For me it’s like Weird WWII. I know there weren’t any death rays, zombies, or giant robots during WWII, but it doesn’t prevent me having fun with the games!

  • the Paper Warrior

    I like them because they are fun. I kind of want the one in the middle on the bottom row but I have no Idea what I would do with it. It would be really cool if they updated the infantry sculpts in this style too it looks good.

  • Verminous Fang

    So, it looks like the Mammoth has one body and 2 different heads, which is cool. And I’ll even say that the skull trophies are actually appropriate. But not everything in the Warhammer world needs to be undead…

    • Veritas

      The more I look at it I don’t think the mammoth is undead. It looks like it’s had patches of fur ripped off either in battle or by the Ogres themselves. If you look at the first picture you can see where the fur has probably been shaved off as the mammoth is branded on that spot with a symbol of the Ogres’ god the “Great Maw.”

  • Kinda wishin’ I hadn’t sold off those unused sprues of Ogres a year ago…