Warhammer Historicals closes up shop

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
May 25th, 2012

Warhammer Historical is no longer accepting orders for their products. They will be missed.

From the website:

We can no longer accept any further orders for our products

We would like to thank our customers who have purchased our publications over the years and hope you will continue to get many more years of gaming enjoyment from them

If you have any queries regarding orders that have been placed with Warhammer Historical please
contact the Forge World Customer Service team

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  • TomasT

    Hmm…. don’t like seeing companies close down. Though I’ve never played their games, I had bookmarked their Western stuff for purchase.

    Well, in this world there will always be a replacement.

  • Saw this coming. How to cause your historical company to fail:

    Stop selling to distributors
    Jack up the price
    Release a WWII and Napoleonic rule set in an already crowded market.

    • I guess this is why they Forge World banging out the WWII and Napoleonic rules for £15 at Salute.

  • cama

    The lack of distribution was the real killer for them. That and absolute apathy towards this line. Once John Stallard, Rick Priestley, Rob Broom et al left to found much, much better companies, WHH was doomed under Forgeworld.

  • Sejanus

    Their western line was excellent…if you wonder what it was like play LOTR by GW…same system.

    As for WH Historicals closing down…good. I have some dealings with them through email and orders and have to say they were the absolute worst to deal with.

    There was an arrogance on how to treat the gaming community that bordered on and exceeded contempt. They often approached an order or question as though they were doing you a favour. They held retailers in utter disregard and had no acknowledgement of how local games shops have grown the hobby and not the all mighty GW on its own.

    I once had a weeks long email exchange with one of the high ups that was frankly funny and offending all at once with how their business plan didn’t include putting their products in of all places..STORES!..lol

    This can be a cautionary tale on how the downslide for one company will start if they don’t heed the warning signs of consumer disinterest.

    Warlord Games on the other hand has learned from this exactly how to provide customer support, and courteous service with great products. Kudos to them.

    Warhammer Historicals…bye bye and don’t let the door hit ya in the arse on the way out.

    • Ghost

      Harsh but fair. I think most punters still interested in 28mm historicals have long since moved to other systems. I once overheard at the club “Warhammer Historical? Isn’t that just Warhammer without the magic system?”.

      • cama


  • Honestly, Kickstarter would’ve saved them. A lot of whiners would’ve complained though b/c they’ve been around forever… This is an example of why we shouldn’t exclude existing and well-known companies from kickstarter.

    • KelRiever

      Are you whining about whining?

      Get off your high horse!

    • cama

      No, it wouldn’t have. You know why? Because GW wanted them dead.

      From the Man Himself,

      Quoted from Yahoo group:

      Re: Warhammer Historicals

      From what I understand of these things it is very unlikely that GW will allow
      any of the WH line to pass into the hands of a third party.

      It was Rob Broom (ex WH manager)that tried to buy WH – and I know of at least
      one other that also approached GW to do so. But not me:)

      I did have a second edition of Warmaster done – it was just not wanted – I
      figure you just have to move on:)

      I think you have to think of WH as just something Jervis and I started – with
      the Perrys – as a personal project. We wanted to print and produce WAB ourselves
      originally – but were unable to do so – mostly as GW has proprietry rights in
      the Warhammer brand of course. We had the money and everything set-up – we
      didn’t need GW to do it. because of that it was initially set-up as a joint
      ventue company – with GW having the controlling interest (but doing nothing
      apart from that). For some years we (JJ, me, Perrys) ran the whole thing pretty
      much as we wanted – until it got too big for us to manage – at which point we
      employed Rob. But we did all the work ourselves – just using our contacts within
      GW to arrange things like production and printing, and – eventually -despatch –
      though we did all that ourselves to start with. GW recharged all the handling to
      us as a third party. At the very beginning we even held the stock ourselves – so
      the original print run of WAB lived in my garage for quite a while! WH was
      absorbed into GW mostly for accounting reasons – because GW insisted on
      retaining ownership the WH accounts had to conform to the same standards as
      other GW companies (e.g. GW USA) – which meant that the accounts charges
      actually exceeded any potential profit! In the end GW ended up with something it
      never really wanted – and only retained ownership of out of consideration to me
      and Jervis. The Perrys – of course – went off and did their own thing with Perry

      Sorry to see it go – but I’m afraid it never sat comfortable with GW and I think
      they’ve at least done the decent thing and given up – which – I believe – is
      what should have happened when Rob went.


  • Nightbee

    Well, I’m glad I already have their Western rules, as I haven’t found anything else for that genre.

    • odinsgrandson

      Well, I guess Blackwater Gulch will be taking over my “what to do with these cool Black Scorpion minis” time.

      • Nightbee

        The Gulch rules look pretty awful to me, with the minimal choice of “classes” for every character and all that.

        Actually, I plan to use Legends of the Old West for my Blackwater Gulch minis (among others). Would love to have another option, but haven’t been able to identify any.

        • cama

          I too will continue with Legends of the Old West – probably the best set of rules for Westerns ever made. Well, maybe since TSR’s Boot Hill – but those were different times.

  • phoenixman

    as someone mentioned above, Warlord Games certainly do customer service better than gw have ever done and they also LISTEN to their customers on what they want from particular games / systems and where they can they accomodate that interest / need.

    gw’s attitude towards their customers has been drawing criticism for years but they do not seem to care about it, or if they do they simply plough on regardless which is why a lot of older gamers have moved away form them on to either a.n. other company producing similar ranges such as Mantic, or have gone away from gw gaming altogether, as i indeed have.

    historical stuff tends to be cheaper which means you can do more than one army / period as well which boosts turnover of products and ranges at these manufacturers which means they then re-invest in newer models / ranges benfiting everyone.

    other companies that deserve a mention for customer service i have had are Renedra & Gripping Beast

    • cama

      The only problem I have with Gripping Beast are those bloody SAGA dice! They are ALWAYS out. One would think they would order like 10000 sets to satisfy demand. They are 12GBP so not cheap, but I would buy every set. IF THEY HAD THEM IN! I emailed them, they didn’t really care.