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Warhammer Forge releases the Preyton

Forge World has a new and terrifying beast available to you: the Preyton.

From the website:

Foolhardy knights of Bretonnia sometimes mistake the savage and hateful Preyton for the noble Great Stags of their land, and will follow this twisted beast, possessed of a dark cunning, into the very deepest parts of the forest. Only there, where there is little chance of escape, will it finally reveal its deadly form, its savage fangs, leonine paws and monstrous wings, and attack the unsuspecting warrior.

The Preyton is a finely detailed multi-part resin kit designed by Steve Whitehead. Rules to field this savage creature in your games of Warhammer can be found in Monstrous Arcanum, and the kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 29th June.