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Warhammer Forge event-only Skin Wolf giveaway

*sings* Love is in the aiiiiir every where you gooooo!

Hey everyone. It's the time to hand out the last Warhammer Forge model I've got (expect other give-aways to come soon). This last one's a Warhammer Forge event-only Skin Wolf.

Note: As always, the one we're giving away is new in blister. The picture above is just reference.

Anyway, to the "fine print" on how to enter.

Seeing as it's Valentine's Day (or, what's left of Valentine's Day... or after Valentine's Day, depending on what time zone you're in... ... ... let's just call it, "it's Thursday unless it's not"), how about we go with you comment below with:
1. The tabletop game you LOVE most to play. Warhammer? Warmachine? Dark Age? Ascension? DreadBall? Dungeons & Dragons? Something else? What game do you say, mid-week, "Man, I can't wait until the weekend so I can play (game name here)!"?
2. Why do you love it so much? The models? The competition? The playgroup you've got? Or just because "it's really fun to play"? Whatever the reason, we'd love to hear it.

So just comment below with the game you LOVE to play and a little bit as to why you love it so much.

Another Note: No bashing other people's posts. If I see a, "You like that game? You're stupid." or anything like that, then we'll delete your comment and disqualify you from the drawing. Positive comments only.

Edit to add: I'll draw the winner on Monday.