Warhammer Forge Chaos previews

By tgn_admin
In Age of Sigmar
Jan 26th, 2011

The latest What’s New blog post from Games Workshop has some concept art for figures from the upcoming Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos book from Warhammer Forge.

  • tuco

    “The book also promises to unite the three factions of Chaos: Warriors, Beastmen and Daemons, providing you with the rules to use all three in one all-conquering army.”

    Wow, where do they get these outside-the-box ideas? Groundbreaking stuff indeed.

    Next they’ll put out rules for an Empire army that allows a unit or two of dwarfs.

  • cannondaddy

    They should go back to letting player field all three again. Kings of War gives you total freedom to mix all the armies, as long as you’re not fielding good and evil in the same list.

  • evernevermore (John)

    Well its Forgeworld spawned – Forgeworld has been good at rewarding players

  • abbysdad

    At the prices they charge for the minis I should be able to field them however I want using the rules. I hope the WHF community manages to change things and get the Warhammer Forge minis allowed in tourneys.