Warhammer: A Tale of Four Gamers Part 4

Games Workshop have posted the fourth article in their A Tale of Four Gamers series.

From their website:

In this, the fourth month of our Tale of Four Gamers, we’ve got plenty to report on. For this month’s challenge we set the task of adding a new Special unit to the army, and then add either a second unit or bolster an existing one. In addition each player was to play a practice game with their force and let us take a picture or two of the proceedings to see how it went.

Around the Studio there’s been the frantic sounds of miniatures assembly as Matt and Christian build their regiments up, while Nick has been crowing that he’s found the perfect ‘super-fast’ technique for painting Black Orcs in a hurry.

The Studio gaming area has also been the sight of a couple of impressive battles as Matt’s High Elves took on Andy’s Skaven and Christian’s Empire fought against Nick’s Orc & Goblin Waaagh!