WarGods of Olympus unlocks Amazons over on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 5th, 2013

Crocodile Games unlocked the Amazons over in their WarGods of Olumpus Kickstarter event and has posted up a green preview of the next unlock.

From the update:

And now where do we go? Mycenae is the next stop on our journey through Olympus – we’ll get there when we reach the $45,000 goal. When that happens, the mighty Mycenaean Titan Hunter will join our warband! All reward levels that are eligible for stretch goals will receive a Titan Hunter added to their reward at no additional charge!

This version of the Titan Hunter is an exclusive Kickstarter miniature, and will not be available anywhere else! Please help us spread the word about the program, so we can add this cool miniature to our rewards!

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  • Vandilbg

    CrocodileGames has some of the best historic style 28mm sculpts in the business. I’m hoping they get enough backing to unlock the Corinthian and Athenian factions. I’ve been using their models in several table top game systems for a few years and the expanded selection is welcomed.

    Good luck Croc hoping the exposure hear helps you achieve more stretch goals!

  • grimbergen

    Anyone in the campaign or in the known as to why the prices are actually higher than what’s available now on their webstore for the exact same product? Even for the full set of demigods (and there doesn’t seem to be any giant figures), the pledge is more expensive than their standard demigod prices with shipping. And the full demigod set pledge doesn’t even include any freebies!

    • basilbrush

      The kickstarter includes US shipping in the price the webstore does not