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Wargods Mycenaean preview 2

Crocodile Games have posted two new pieces of concept art for their upcoming Wargods Mycenean releases - King Agamemnon & Honor Guards. Wargods Mycenaean preview From their announcement:
Here is the new preview for our upcoming Mycenaean release: King Agamemnon and his Honor Guards. The concept illustrations were done by Des Hanley, and Todd Harris has done the sculpting... we'll be showing off the finished models in a week or so. Agamemnon will come with 2 Honor Guards, and the finished miniatures will include a sword & scepter for Agamemnon, and sword and tower shields for his guards. Come back tomorrow for a preview of some of the new Mycenaean tower shields. In the mean time, I present, the Great King Agamemnon and his Honor Guards:
  • King Agamemnon
  • Mycenaean Honor Guard
To see larger versions of the concepts, check out the: Croc Forum.