Wargods GenCon 2010 painting competition

Crocodile Games have posted details of their GenCon 2010 painting competition.

From their website:

Enter your best painted WarGods pieces in the Gen Con painting contest, and we will be giving away special prizes for the finest WarGods miniatures in these three categories:

  • Best Single WarGods Figure
  • Best WarGods Unit or Chariot
  • Best WarGods Conversion or Diorama*

*This category may use components from other manufacturers, but the basic figures used must be Crocodile Games miniatures.

The prizes for each category are as follows –

  • 1st Place – $50 of Crocodile Games product
  • 2nd Place – $25 of Crocodile Games product
  • 3rd Place – $10 of Crocodile Games product

Check out their website for full details.