Wargaming World looking for submissions

Wargaming World is looking for writers to help expand the content available on the site.

From their announcement:

Wargaming World is slowly becoming bigger and better (A new improved forum is now in place)… but with only a few guys working on it in some of their spare time – it’s not quick enough for us. We need your help. We would love to put content that you create on Wargaming World that will benefit the worldwide wargaming community.

Of course we are up for any ideas to build a great wargaming community website. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Participating actively in our forum would be a great help. Some come and join in the conversations, ask questions and let people know your views on wargaming.

Sponsors and contributors
If you contribute hobby articles, game reviews, army tactics (or something else that we deem worthy to the Wargaming World community) you will be labelled a ‘contributor’ in the forum (so everyone knows.)

Contributors currently are able to have 100 storable PM’s (general members only 50 storable PM’s) and have the ability to start polls in the forums. Other little ‘contributor only’ perks will continue to be added as Wargaming World grows and grows.

Any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Sign up in the forums and ask in a post (or PM) or send us an email via our contact us form.