Wargaming Industries launches Stellar Vistas Playmats

Wargaming Industries has launched a Kickstarter campaign for new Stellar Vistas Playmats for you X-Wing, Star Trek, and other space-game players.

Wargaming Mats


From the campaign:

Welcome to the first Kickstarter by Wargaming Industries. We are a small group of dedicated gamers that, with your help, will be able to bring our small in-house map production to a grander scale. Right now we can produce maps printed on high quality vinyl, but only in a limited manner. This is great for prototypes and development, not so good larger production and availability. We have a good product, but now we need to upgrade our internal systems to handle larger scale printing capacity.

This is where you come in; we are launching this Kickstarter in an effort to move the printing from an outside source to a full in-house operation. What will this take? We need to upgrade software and our in-house printing capacities to meet the needs of regular production. We have calculated the cost of this equipment and material and It will take pledges for 400 units to cover these costs.