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Wargames rules with free sample figure from Galloping Major

Galloping Major Wargames is now stocking rules for the French-Indian War period and also giving away a free sample figure with rulebook orders. From their announcement:
Since we first set about sculpting and retailing our French & Indian War range of 28mm figures, one question that has cropped up probably more frequently than any other - other than "what will your next release be?" - is "which wargames rules would you recommend?" Well, we've decided to answer that one by offering a choice of rules for the period through our Online Shop page. Each purchase of wargames rules from us will be accompanied by one of our "Soldiers Free" figures. This Very Ground is a stand alone French & Indian War skirmish and small unit combat system, featuring rules for infantry, artillery, cavalry, boats and fortifications. A quickly mastered and playable set of rules with suggested scenarios and guides for using the different types of troops and irregulars. Published by Iron Ivan Games. Sharp Practice from TooFatLardies is fast moving game designed for large scale skirmishes in the age of blackpowder weapons with gamers fielding between 30 and 100 figures per side. The rules based around the actions of key characters, with officers and NCOs taking responsibility for leading their men into battle and motivating them to get the best result. More details are on the website.