Wargames + Miniatures discount and new range

Wargames + Miniatures are offering a discount on the Warlord Games Ancients figures and will also be carrying the Warcanto range.

From their announcement:

Wargames & Miniatures are giving a 15% discount on single orders of £30.00 GBP + on their Warlord Games Ancients range during February 2010. February is nearly over, so hurry.

The Discount Coupon Code = Warlord Ancient

Visit their Discount Coupon Code page on their website for more information at wargamesandminiatures.co.uk.

Note: If there are any products from the Warlord Ancients range that are not on the website, please email Geoff at sales@wargamesandminiatures.co.uk.

Wargames + Miniatures are proud to announce their association with Dwarf Tales Miniatures and the WarCanto 28/30mm miniatures and game system.

WarCanto is a skirmish wargame that brings new ideas to the fantasy battlefields. Crucial role of the warband leader and sophisticated rules of his development, together with alternating sequence of operating warriors and enhanced system of interaction with terrain features, make WarCanto an innovative way of enjoying the fantasy game with other fantasy enthusiasts. All of that taking place in Duæl – a classical dark fantasy world created and developed by the Dwarf Tales team.