Wargames Illustrated website updated

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with new content.

From their announcement:

The Wargames Illustrated Site has been updated this month with new content, new figures and a range of new subscription deals.

Web Extras
We had so much content that we just could not fit it all in the magazine, so we have put it on the website so that everyone can enjoy it.

Additional content from WI 267

and from WI 268

The team at Wargames Illustrated is also pleased to announce that the new range of WI Miniatures are now available for order. These six ‘Moments in History’ mini-vignettes are perfect for the baggage train or figure cabinet and are available either as single dioramas or you can get all six (and even get a discount for being a true figure horder.)

New Subscription Deals for February
If your local gaming store is does not have Wargames Illustrated in stock ask them to get in touch with their Battlefront Miniatures sales person for stocking information. Alternatively you want to subscribe and get your copy delivered straight to your letterbox via our online store.

WISUB32 – 12 Month Subscription & 2 ‘Moments in History’ mini-vignettes
WISUB33 – 12 Month Subscription & 6 ‘Moments in History’ mini-vignettes

For a short time we still have the Vietnam subscription deals available, as well as some great offerings from Perry Miniatures, Victrix and Warlord Games.

Last but not least, WI 268 should be hitting the shelves shortly, so make sure you grab a copy.