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Wargames Illustrated website updated

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with new articles. Wargames Illustrated Issue 282 In stores from 27 March is Wargames Illustrated issue 282; this issue’s theme is Tropic Lightning as we serve a second tour of duty in Vietnam. It also includes a wide range of other articles that are sure to provide inspiration for any wargamer. The Making of Viking Dawn Part Four The Viking Dawn game we’ve been talking about is based upon the Pig Wars rules developed by Tod Kershner and owes a great deal to the many ideas posted to the Pig Wars Yahoo group as well as a great deal of input from members of various Maine wargame clubs. This truly is a collaborative effort. Fleet of Battle The Rules Back in WI278 we published a great set of Ancients naval rules by James Morris. We’ve had a number of you asking for the rules as a download to save wear and tear on your copies of WI. With a reason like that, how could we refuse? A Dark Age Campaign Kenneth Clark presents a scenario and ideas for a campaign set in late 9th Century Britain, designed for anywhere up to 10 players. The Battle of Brunanburh, 937 AD As part of his “Vikings In Ireland’”research, Paul Leach read quite a bit about their raids onto Saxon soil. In this article he presents one of the most famous battles involving the Irish Vikings. 1643: A Campaign Game If your gaming group can gather up two teams (ideally of three players each) and an umpire, then you might want to try out this campaign game by John Davis. Hour of the Gun Mike Blake presents us with three linked games to form this campaign that runs from the OK Corral to Iron Springs, by way of the Tuscon stockyards. Warning! This Hobby May Contain Nuts! Barry Hilton has not only authored many articles for us on Horse & Musket, and Napoleonic wargaming, but he’s also attended hundreds of wargaming shows around the globe. Here are some of his amusing observations of wargamers the world over. Reviews April 2011 This month we review the books Warships of Salnave's War by William Eugene Warner, The Setting of the Rising Sun by Terry C. Treadwell and Enter and Die James W. Milliken. In addition to the 28mm Plastic Saxons by Gripping Beast and the Paint Pot Holders by Progressive Engineering Solutions. Matt Parkes’ Workbench This month, I have switched my hat (I have many!) to 15mm and painting the challenging Caunter Scheme for the Early War North Afrika book.