Wargames Illustrated website updated

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with new articles.

his month’s exciting update features ten different articles, downloads and reviews to supplement the content of Wargames Illustrated issue 279. There are also two new sections for you to enjoy!
Wargames Illustrated Issue 279
In stores from 18 December is Wargames Illustrated issue 279; this issue’s theme is the D-Day. It also includes a wide range of other articles that are sure to provide inspiration for any wargamer.

Matt Parkes’ Workbench – January 2011
Welcome to the second ‘`Workbench’ feature, all about the projects I have been working on over recent weeks for the magazine. It has been a busy time with me switching between, Napoleonics, The Sudan and the brand new subscription figure range “Moments in History”.

The Making of “Viking Dawn” – Part One
This is the first installment in a series of online articles for Wargames Illustrated following the progress of a club invitational game to be played at Huzzah! 2011.

Horse & Musket Havana, 1762
WI278 featured an article on the 1762 Battle for Havana – a sideshow to the Seven Years War. We couldn’t squeeze in all the Orders of Battle for the forces involved in the battle so we present them here for your viewing and downloadable pleasure.

World War Two: The Battle for Normandy
This two-part article, from Anthony Tucker, covers a lot of the background for the numerous Operations that were part of the battle for Normandy, including Overlord, Epsom, Goodwood, and Cobra. First printed in W14 and W15.

My God, It’s The Wrong Beach
In this classic article, Ken Hanning presents a number of ways to add the exciting element of confusion to your D-Day themed battles. First printed in WI81.

Hold Until Relieved
Colin Rumford presents a 20mm gaming scenario for the taking (and holding) of Pegasus Bridge. First printed in WI81.

D-Day: 6 June 1944
Background, Orders of Battle, the scenario, and pictures of a D-Day game focused around Sword Beach and Pegasus Bridge, as presented by Malcolm Taylor and Colin Rumford. First printed in WI89.

Old Glory 2010 Wargames Show
WI279 featured a show report from the Old Glory 2010 World Wargames show in Derby, England. There were plenty of nice looking games on show and, as usual, we had quite a few photos which didn’t make it to print, which you can enjoy here.

Reviews: January 2011
This month we review the book Military Ghosts by Alan C. Wood and 28mm Crimean War figure range from Great War Miniatures, the 28mm Landsknechts from Artizan Designs and the 28mm Russian Infantry In Summer Uniform from the Plastic Soldier Company.