Wargames Illustrated website updated

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with several new articles.

Peninsular Campaigns
Inspired by this month’s Great Warriors article on the Portuguese Caçadores, we decided to dig out Tim Price’s article on running a campaign on the Iberian Peninsular during the Napoleonic Wars (from WI82).

Three Norman Battles
As a companion to Paul Leach’s article in WI277 on the Normans in Ireland, we present this collated “archive” article by Stephen Simpson that covers the Battles of Lincoln (1141), Oxford (1142), and Wilton (1143). These combined articles are from WI29-31.

By the Waters of Merom
With a conflict between Joshua (yes, he of The Bible fame) and the Canaanite Kings as it’s backdrop, Vincent Black presents a wargames scenario which will see your chariot models in action on the tabletop.

Call To Arms 2010
Call to Arms is an annual wargames show hosted by the Wellington Warlords which takes place in Wellington, New Zealand every August. Vince Cholewa kindly supplied us with the following report from this year’s event.

Wargaming The Crimean War
A collated series of articles with background and wargaming suggestions for the Crimean War (combined articles from WI101-103).

Warhammer: Victorian Battles
In addition to showing off his great “Charge of the Light Brigade: table in the pages of WI277, Paul Delaney has provided us with the rules changes and army lists created for his gaming group’s unofficial adaptation, Warhammer: Victorian Battles.

Flames Of War US National 2010
While the coverage of the U.S. Flames Of War Nationals in WI277 featured many of the beautifully painted miniatures present at the event.

Slayer Sword Awarded to Matt Parkes
Matt Parkes, one of Battlefront’s resident painters and newest member of the WI team managed to take out one of the world’s most prestigious pieces of cutlery recently; the Games Workshop UK Games Day Slayer Sword, for the best overall entry in the painting competition.

Reviews – November 2010
This month Neil Smith reviews the books Saladin: Hero of Islam by Geoffrey Hindley and Zulu Conquered: The March of the Red Soldiers, 1828-1884 by Ron Lock.

October and November Releases From Osprey Publishing
We take a look at the latest offerings from Osprey Publishing.