Wargames Illustrated website updated

Several new articles have been added to the Wargames Illustrated website.

Wargames Illustrated Issue 274
Coming to stores in July is Wargames Illustrated issue 274; this issue’s theme is Blitzkrieg. It also includes a wide range of other articles that are sure to provide inspiration for any wargamer.

Fulda Gap: The Bear Strikes
In the spring of 1986 the Politbureau of the Soviet Union was forced to face some unpalatable facts. A fifth successive poor harvest, coupled with declining imports of grain, had led to food riots in several major cities. Stocks of fuel oil were at an all-time low and services and utilities were reporting imminent shortages and interruptions.

The Battle of Sabis – Part Two
In WI 274 we printed an article about the huge, center-piece game co-ordinated by Dean Emmerson for the very first Huzzah! convention held in Portland, Maine, USA. In this companion artticle we can read the thoughts of Dean as he speaks with Howard Whitehouse about how best to adapt Howard’s Clash of Iron rules to the enormous battle (over 3,000 miniatures) on the tabletop.

Reviews – July 2010
This months reviews include the Black Powder ruleset by Warlord Games, the books Bloodline: The Origins and Development of the Regular Formations of the British Army, Red Crown & Dragon: 53rd Welsh Division in North-West Europe 1944-1945 and The Complete Victoria Cross. In addition to the WWI in the East 28mm miniature range by Woodbine Designs/Gripping Beast.

Legionary 2010
Saturday May 1st, at the Exeter Corn Exchange was the date and venue for Legionary 2010, hosted by Rygas Roughnecks and the Exmouth Wargames Society who offered a selection of games and were supported by several dedicated and supportive traders.