Wargames Illustrated website update

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with new content. From their announcement:
This month sees Wargames Illustrated head off to the beaches of Anzio as we take a look at these pivotal months of World War Two. Of course with a massive 124 pages of content we also tackle a wide range of other topics including the Battles of Aliwal (1846) and Melle (1745), the third installment on gaming opportunities in Elizabethan England, a follow on from last months focus on the Vikings and even more. On the site this month have some follow up content from Dave’s trip to Cold Wars including an interview with Heather Blush (organiser of the Hobby University) and The Battle of Brunanburh, a follow on from Pauls interesting article in WI271. We also have the reviews we just could fit in to issue 271. We are still working on adding other functionality to the website to help keep you up to date with the latest news and events happening in community, so keep an eye out for future developments. Last but not least, we need your help to keep interesting news and articles inside Wargames Illustrated so don’t hesitate in touch and contribute to the either the site or the magazine.
WI 271 Delivery Delays Customers may experience delays due to the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland. Airports across the world have been closed resulting in not only chaos for passengers, but also for cargo and mail shipments. As WI is printed in the UK, customers around the globe will also be effected by this event. For more information in the disruptions check out the CNN site. Cold Wars 2010 The HMGS East season opener, COLD WARS ’10 was held over four days in March at the Lancaster Host in Lancaster. It was the first time in the storied history of the convention that it was run for four days and with so much on offer, there was no way Dave Taylor could fit everything into the magazine, so we have more here. The Hobby University at Cold Wars For quite some time now, Heather Blush has been organizing all manner of painting related activities at the HMGS East’s conventions. We decided it was high time we found out more about the educational activities she oversees. The Battle of Brunanburh In this bonus article you can see Paul’s proposed Orders of Battle for Warhammer Ancient Battles and Warmaster Ancients, The Battle of Brunanburh poem that formed the basis for his original article, plus more photos of Gripping Beast’s collection. Have a look in WI 271 for the rest of the article. Reviews - April 2010 This month includes The Covenanter Encyclopaedia, Poelcapelle 1917 - A Trail On Wrecked Tanks, The Illustrated Guide to Armageddon - Britain’s Cold War, the new version of Koenig Krieg, Scottish Arms and Armour, and helping the resurgence of 28mm WWI gaming we have Scarab Miniatures new French infantry.