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Wargames Illustrated website update

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with new articles. From their announcement:
The Making of Viking Dawn Part Three Dean Emmerson recently had an opportunity to speak with Chris Penney about Viking Dawn, the club invitational game to be played at Huzzah! 2011. Chris is one of the Viking Dawn game masters and will be building the terrain for the game. Affray Small Scale Combat In the Middle Ages Small-scale combat in the Middle Ages. Peter Morrison presents his rules for medieval skirmishing. First printed in WI44. Brilliant Events Neil Smith takes a look at the Battle of Churobusco, from the US-Mexican War of the 1840s. First printed in WI274.
Kelly’s Ford Neil Smith presents this tale of a clash between Confederate and Union cavalry along the Rappahannock River in Virginia. First printed in WI249. Cedar Mountain As the campaigning season started in 1862, Union confidence was high. By the end of summer, as Neil Smith tells us, the mood would be very different in Washington. First printed in WI263. Heavy Artillery in World War One Chris Peers takes a look at the heavy artillery of World War One, and presents some tactical ideas for using it on your wargaming table. First printed in WI265. Hitting ‘em with The Heavy Metal From deep in the archives we drag Jim Webster’s study of World War Two German artillery kicking and screaming into the light. First printed in WI30. Reviews March 2011 This month we review the 15mm Russian T-34 76/85 from the Plastic Soldier Company. The 28mm Greek and Spartan Hoplites from Immortal Miniatures and the book Wings Over Meir: The Story of the Potteries Aerodrome by William Cooke.