Wargames Illustrated site updated

The Wargames Illustrated site has been updated with new content.

From their announcement:

This month the team at Wargames Illustrated have gotten excited about Vikings and both Dan and Dave (the UK and US editors) have delved into the political landscape of 9th and 10th Century Ireland to find out why the Vikings found it so easy to conquer, but impossible to control. With all this excitement we found that the magazine was packed with so much content that we had to expand the magazine by another eight pages, that’s 40 more pages in the magazine than the same time last year.

Following on from Paul’s visit to Warfare 2009 last month, we have outstanding coverage of both PAW 2009 and Crusade 2009. Eagle eyed readers will notice that there was no Reviews section in issue 270 as we just could not fit it in – instead we have them on the website so that you don’t miss out. Lastly we also have the scenario “Contact. Contact. Yellow One Down”, taken from issue 267 for all the Vietnam players out there.

Crusade 2010
Paul Davies takes us to Crusade 2010 and in his words is the first event on the wargames calendar each year, and as probably the only wargames show in Wales, is always worth a visit. Penarth & District Wargames Society presented another good show and ensured that everything ran smoothly throughout the day.

PAW 2010
Paul also went to PAW 2010, presented by the Plymouth Association of Wargamers (PAW) and found an outstanding event tucked away in the far south west of the UK.

This month includes the historical rules supplement Imperium, the Thrilling Tales figure range from Artizan Designs and Feudal Age figure range from Legio Heroica.