Wargames Illustrated site update

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with new articles and content.

From their announcement:

Another month has come and gone, and as WI 269 comes back from the printers it is once again time to update our site. This month we are extremely excited to add the WI Vietnam army list PDFs to our every growing library of information. This project turned out to be even more successful that we ever expected, and we were pleased to see so many gamers either dusting off old figures, or purchasing new ones to have a go at this interesting period of history.

With the wargames show season about to kick into full swing in the Northern Hemisphere, we know that there’ll be mountains of photos of great games and well-painted model soldiers from around the world. Even though we’re increasing the size of the magazine with our WI270 issue, we still don’t have enough room for all of them, so we have a report form Paul Davies who visited Warfare 2009 as this months web exclusive. Keep an eye out for more of these in the future!

Warfare 2009 Show Report
Paul Davies brings us a report on Warfare 09, hosted by the Wargames Association of Reading. This great event was held over the weekend of 20th and 21st November at the Rivermead Leisure complex in Reading, UK.

Battle of Ia Drang
Check out the Battle of Ia Drang articles and downloadable PDF versions of the Battle of Ia Drang resources as featured in Wargames Illustrated Issue 266.

Wargames Illustrated Miniatures
Following on from the success of our Wargames Illustrated Exclusive range of ‘Ia Drang (Vietnam)’ figures; this month sees the release of more unique Wargames Illustrated figures in the form of our Moments in History collection.

Moments in History Miniatures…
These are available separately via the online store, or as part of a new subscription.

  • WIM00 WI ‘Moments in History’ mini-vignettes bundle
  • WIM01 Rommel & Monty
  • WIM02 Achilles & Hector
  • WIM03 Christmas Truce 1914
  • WIM04 The Eve Of Edgehill
  • WIM05 High Tide At Gettysburg
  • WIM06 Saladin & Richard The Lionheart