Wargames Illustrated issue 272 contents

WI 272 CoverThe Wargames Illustrated staff have sent along details of the contents of issue 272 of Wargames Illustrated Magazine.

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Fighting For King And Country?We introduce you to the topsy-turvy world of Napoleonic Europe and the thread that runs through all our theme coverage – Wilhelm von Dörnberg.

Old Soldiers Never Die
Barry Hilton presents a scenario for fighing the action around Lübeck in 1806, one of von Dörnberg’s early battles.

Creating A Kingdom: Westphalia
Created in 1807, the Kingdom of Westphalia was to be the centrepiece of the Confederation of the Rhine. Sam Mustafa writes about the rise and fall of this kingdom.

The Battle Of Leipzig
Over 600,000 men fought for four days in this, the largest of Napoleon’s battles. Paul Olzanski and his friends used around 10,000 models in their re-fight, and here we present a photo-report on how the event panned out.

Grenadiers A Pied De La Garde Imperiale
A close look at Napoleon’s elite infantry and the new Victrix plastic box set of the same name.

Project Hougoumont
Here’s how you can get involved with the project to renovate Hougoumont Chateau.

The Development Of Fog: Renaissance
After the success of Field of Glory: Ancient and Medieval, author Richard Bodley Scott has penned a follow up – FoG: Renaissance – and here he takes us through the development and game-play.

Wargaming The Roman Army – Part 1
Over the next two issues, we will present articles which will cover the development of the Roman army, from the foundation of Rome to the decline of the Empire.

Great Warriors: Berdan’s Sharpshooters
Our occasional series focuses this month on Berdan’s Sharpshooters – those daring fellows of ACW fame.

On Patrol With The Devil’s Brigade
We present a Flames of War scenario and battle report for the Devil’s Brigade in Italy during the WWII Anzio campaign.

Washing The Spears With The Matabele
Chris Peers presents a military history of this ferocious warrior nation and offers suggestions for raising your own tabletop force.

How To Build A Dutch Windmill
Every western Eurepean tabletop can be enhanced by the inclusion of a windmill, here’s how you can make your own.

Plus we take a look at the Adepticon show in the US, the Tactica show in Germany, and our monthly roundup of News. We packed so much in this issue we had to move our Reviews for this month to our website: www.wargamesillustrated.net