Wargames Illustrated issue 270 preview

WI270 Cover.jpgWargames Illustrated have sent along a preview of the contents of issue 270 of the magazine.

The Vikings In Ireland
Your introductory guide to the Viking invasions of Ireland; the tribes they battled with for supremacy, and the history of their struggle for control of the Emerald Isle.

Heathens At The Gate
A look at Viking and Irish armies and the warfare they employed in Dark Age Ireland, followed by two scenarios for running tabletop battles using marauding Vikings against the Irish.

The Plain Of The Bull
Howard Whitehouse explores the real history of this Irish “touchstone battle” and presents a scenario for gaming the action for his new set of rules, Clash of Iron.

How To Make An Early Irish Church
The Irish monastic buildings from our theme period had a unique look and will add a lot of character to your tabletop.

Viking Painting Guide
To conclude our Viking coverage for this month, this article provides you with several ideas and guides to painting different aspects of your Viking and Irish figures.

The Covenanters
It could be argued that the first English Civil War was decided by this force of Scots, whose fighting prowess tipped the balance of the conflict in favour of Parliament. In this article we present an introduction to the Covenanters and a scenario for a clash with the forces of Prince Rupert.

Firestorm Market Garden
When the team at Battlefront finished their new Firestorm campaign for Operation Market Garden, they tried it out on the staff. The result was five weeks of gaming fun.

1588 And All That
In the second of our three articles exploring the gaming opportunities offered by Elizabethan England, Tim Eagling presents a scenario for some swashbuckling action.

Guerrilla Train Raids
Following on from last month’s Kaukopartiojoukot 1942 – 1944 article – we present more information on the Finnish long-range reconnaissance troops, along with a ‘Train Attack’ scenario.

The Etruscans
Dave Pauwels presents a complete gamer’s guide to one of Rome’s early enemies.

Wilkinson’s Campaign Against The Slavers
Wargaming stalwart Gary Chalk makes a welcome return to the pages ofWI and leads us on a trip into the dark heart of Africa with a set of scenarios for colonial warfare in the jungle. PLUS we take a look at the Crusade and PAW shows in the UK, and our monthly roundup of News.

We packed so much in this issue we had to move our Reviews for this month to our website: wargamesillustrated.net