Wargames Illustrated issue 268 preview

WI268.jpgBattlefront have posted details of the contents of Wargames Illustrated issue 268

The upcoming issue of Wargames Illustrated contains the following content:

Operation: Market Garden
Setting the scene for this month’s theme content; Market Garden, the largest airborne operation in history.

Frost’s Perimeter
A mini-campaign based on the new Flames of War – A Bridge Too Far book following the story of Lieutenant Colonel Frost’s 2nd Parachute Battalion in Arnhem.

A Bridge Too Far – Building the Arnhem Battlefield
To accompany their new A Bridge too Far book Battlefront Miniatures needed to construct a suitably impressive table to showcase the visual potential of the battle. In this article we discover how they went about it.

The Land Is Dead
It’s not a conflict on the well-beaten wargames trail, but Ian Knight explains why and how South Africa’s Cape Wars should be on your wargaming radar.

The Battle of Stresow
The Border Reivers Wargames Club looked to the icy Baltic Sea and the Great Northern War when they decided to put together a great table on the 2009 show circuit. Rob Anderson gives us the lowdown on the Battle of Stresow and the Reivers’ approach to the project.

Vorwarts, Meine Kinder
A comprehensive guide to building a late Napoleonic Prussian wargames army.

How To Make South East Asian Buildings
Inspired by the recent range of Vietnam figures from Wargames Illustrated, our regular scratch-builder Paul Davies explores some modelling possibilities.

Insider Interview: Gary Morley
Not only is he the sculptor behind the new ‘Moments in History’ figure range from WI, Gary has had an illustrious sculpting career in the historical and fantasy hobby. We thrust a microphone in front of him and asked him to tell us about some of the highs and lows of sculpting toy soldiers.

Moments In History
The lowdown on the new figures in our exciting, new range of vignettes.

Blam 2009 Show Report
Linking cyber-space with the real world, the Lead Adventure Forum’s event held in Twickenham, UK, was a wargames show with an interesting twist.

Fall In! Show Report
It’s one of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society’s big shows of the year, and with camera and notebook in hand our US editor headed off to bring you the highlights of the 2009 event held in Gettysburg.

plus a visit to the H.A.W.K.s club in the US, and our monthly roundup of News and Reviews.