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Wargames Illustrated Digital goes Dynamic

Wargames Illustrated is showing off a preview video for their new Dynamic format for their digital magazine.


From the preview:

Wargames Illustrated is proud to announce the release of its first ‘dynamic’ digital issue.

WI316 will be our third digital magazine release, but our first to feature interactive/dynamic content.

Our dynamic content includes:
- 360 degree figure spins.
- Movies
- Photo galleries
- Bonus content
- Web links

WI316 marks the beginning of the future with regard to our digital magazine production – going forward every digital issue of WI will include dynamic content, allowing you to interact with your magazine and hobby like never before.

Specifically, WI316 includes a movie to accompany our ‘Barbary pirates visit to Stuart England’ article, showing this impressive game in action, eight 360 figure spins, allowing you to turn and view figures in full rotation, seven photo galleries, giving you access to 35 more photos than in the printed magazine, as well as direct web links, photo zooms and bonus text.

WI Digital is available for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android TABLET DEVICES, from the relevant App Stores and Newsstands.