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Wargames Fever Miniature Wargames Magazine Available

Wargames Fever announces the latest issue of Miniature Wargames is back from the printers and available to buy from

From their post:

Cover Story:
EXCLUSIVE: Ager Proelii - a 20 page pull-out-and-keep set of rules for wargaming the Punic Wars, written by James Roach, who wrote Ager Sanguinis, the extremely popular rules for the Crusades published by MW in 2009, and Peter Jackson.

Gary Mitchell proves Hail Caesar isn’t just for Ancients with his club’s playtest of the rules for the Wars of the Roses.

The High Ground
Steve Eardley reconsiders the appeal of plastics and rounds up the latest products for review.

Paul McDonagh kicks off a new series of his scratch build projects with a look at Dark Age dykes.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Gary Mitchell wonders who is really recruiting the next generation of wargamers and puts the latest figures and rules under his microscope.

Hobby Resources
UK Wargames Club Directory 2012. Make joining your local wargames club your New Year's resolution with this handy reference guide to clubs around the country.

Book Reviews, Fiasco Show Report and the nostalgic feature From The Archive.