Wargames Factory Vikings shipping

Wargames Factory are shipping the first of their 28mm plastic Viking boxed sets. Viking Huscarls.jpg From their website:
This is the first big box set in our Hammer of the Gods Dark Ages Range - Viking Huscarls. The box set features 32 multi-part hard plastic 28mm figures to build an incredible Viking warband. With swords, spears, bows, 2 types of axes, and loads of other options - including leaders, musicians, and standard bearers - this set will allow you to field a heavily armored hard-hitting Viking force. Only $19.95. We even have a horned helmet in the mix - don't worry, for you purists, you can easily clip the horns off to have a historically authentic helm. This set will be followed over the next few weeks with 3 more sets in our Hammer of the Gods range:
  • WGF-HG002 - Viking Bondi - 32 Unarmored Viking Warriors
  • WGF-HG003 - Saxon Thegns - 32 Armored Saxon Warriors
  • WGF-HG004 - Saxon Fyrd - 32 Unarmored Saxon Warriors