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Wargames Factory under new ownership?

It appears that Wargames Factory may be under new ownership. From their announcement:
We are pleased to announce that Wargames Factory is now under new management. A more comprehensive "official" announcement is in the works but we felt it necessary to give you a precursor of coming events. Tony Reidy is no longer with the company in an official capacity; we wish him well in his future endeavors; a press release is being prepared. In the mean time, please direct all questions to Lonnie Mullins.
So, what does that mean to you?
  • An accelerated release schedule.
  • Better fill rates
  • Faster turnaround times on orders
Our goal on out of stocks is that they will be back in stock within 4 to 6-weeks Payments for orders by check need to be remitted to: Wargames Factory, LLC P.O. Box 3111 Newtown, Connecticut 06470 Payments for orders by credit card will be addressed soon Payments for orders by PayPal will cease until we set up a new PayPal account Orders will be sent out with invoices All of our products will be in boxes. Boxes will have a new "Green" packaging; we will lose a bit on graphics but we will be using materials that are better for the environment We're sure you have many other questions for us; feel free to contact Lonnie at the number listed below or by email during normal business hours and he'll tell you what he can. If you currently have an order in house with us we will fill it as soon as possible but please contact Lonnie for details. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a rocking 2011 and beyond! -- Lonnie Mullins Sales Director, Wargames Factory 410-638-8346 Office 410-688-1445 Cell M-F 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.