Wargames Factory Shock Troops shipping

Wargames Factory are shipping copies of their Shock Troops boxed sets.

Shock Troop Cover

From their announcement:

After many trials and tribulations to get them to market – including shipping problems, box problems, a tonsilectomy even. – they have been moving out the doors. The Shock Troops set features 18 heavily armed and armored greatcoated future warriors with loads of head and weapon options to truly customize your forces.

We are continuing the great Pre-Release offers for those of you who missed out on them…but they won’t last long.

  • Shock Troops 18-Figure Set – $19.95
  • Shock Troops – 3+1 Deal (57 Troops) – $54
  • Shock Troops – 7X Deal (126 Troops) – $118 (Free Shipping Worldwide)

The Shock Troops are the first in what will become a comprehensive SF line set in our Alien Suns universe. Coming in the next few months will be a heavy weapons set for the Shock Troops along with another future human infantry set. We’ve also been hard at work behind the scenes to streamline our design and production capabilities so that we can bring great hard plastic sets – Historical, Fantasy, SF – to you much faster.

After these Shock Troops and the two new boxes of Saxons that have just released – we have another Ancients set coming, our first Horse and Musket range, and some surprises that we haven’t shown anyone. Later this year we’ll be expanding our Might of Rome range which currently has 8 hard plastic sets. With lots more to come.

Thanks again for your patience and we look forward to bringing loads of plastic goodness your way on a monthly basis going forward.