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Wargames Factory Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons preview

Wargames Factory have posted a preview of the 28mm plastic Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons troops. Heavy Weapon Trooper From their announcement:
We've just posted a 3D-view of our new Shock Trooper Heavy Energy Cannon and gunner on our website. Come check it out! We'll be releasing them as soon as we approve the samples that are in rout to us now and get them painted. Set comes with 3-heavy weapons crew (2-per weapon) and 3-officers. The set includes 9-model infantry and heavy weapons to make 3-each of the following - Missile Launcher, Energy Cannon, Mortar, Heavy Chain Gun. That way you can arm your teams however you like and have lots of bits left over. This set will come with bases and retail for $19.95 USD.