Wargames Factory shipping delay

Wargames Factory have several releases delayed due to shipping problems.

From their website:

The Shock Troops – and Saxons – were meant to release last week but we’ve had a mix-up with our shipping company.

Instead of going on the “fast boat” to the US West Coast and then trained/trucked to Boston, the sprues have ended up on the “slow boat” through the Panama Canal and through the Gulf of Mexico.

The dock date is toward the end of June – and we know that there is no way some of you can wait that long to get your mitts on the Shock Troops – so we are having more sprues run off and are doing an Emergency Air Lift to Boston.

The sprues will be here by the end of next week and we’ll be able to start packaging the week of 14th for a release date of June 17th.

The Saxons will be arriving here in the last week of June and we’ll aim for an early July release for them.

We’re also just about to send 3 more sets off to tooling. We’re not ready to say what they are yet…but expect more announcements and images in June with an expected late July/early August release.

Sorry again for the delay – we’ll make sure we do everything we can to get them out as fast as humanly possible.