Wargames Factory sci-fi Greatcoat Troops available for pre-order

Wargames Factory is now taking pre-orders for their 28mm plastic sci-fi Greatcoat Troops.


From their announcement:

They’re almost here. This set was the most requested concept ever submitted to our Liberty & Union League and now it’s a reality.

To celebrate – we’re launching some special pre-order deals – check them out below:

  • Shock Troops 18 Multi-Part Figures $19.95
  • Shock Troops 3X + 1 Deal 57 Multi-Part Figures $54
  • Shock Troops 7 X Deal 126 Multi-Part Figures $118
  • Shock Troops Zombie Deal 18 Shock Troops vs. 120 Zombies. $100

Coming in May 2010. 18 multi-part/multi-pose hard plastic (polystyrene) 28mm future Greatcoat troopers. 6 full sprues each containing 38 parts. 228 parts per box.


  • 3 different helmet options (with enough to outfit every trooper in the box) along with additional head options (14 heads/sprue – 84 heads/box.)
  • 7 unique weapon designs – rifles, shotguns, laser/energy weapons, grenade launcher, flame thrower, pistol with 9 weapon arms per sprue.
  • Loads of extra “bits” to outfit your troops – ammo packs, daggers, canteens, holsters.