Wargames Factory Samurai Released

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Nov 18th, 2011

Wargames Factory Samurai Released:

From their announcement:

Wargames Factory has released their first set of Samurai- “Samurai of the 16th Century”.
This set contains 5 sprues. Each sprue contain 5 Samurai with weapons and accessories for a total of 25 figures. This set includes 25 square 20mm x 20mm x 2mm bases.

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  • Haibane

    Your move, Perry twins!

  • I do like me some samurai.

  • TaoDeInsane

    Perry’s still beat the bejezzus out of these abominations. Now I know how the WWII treadheads feel when new releases come out. These are comic book hollywood B-movie samurai. You’d think that from a historical company like Wargames Factory, you’d at least get some sort of research going on, even if it’s just “let me flip through an Osprey book”

    They’ll sell great to the people who go “oooh! Samurai!” But anyone who actually likes the period enough to know anything about the period, they are atrocities. I was hoping that they’d be solid figs, but I can’t bring myself to buy these and game with them. I’ll stick with TAG and Perry.

    • scottjm

      The prolbem with Perry’s is that they tend to be notably smaller than other samurai lines. That being said, the Perry samurai are really nice but if you’re not a pretty decent painter, you better stay away from them.

    • scottjm

      But as a further reply, I received a reasonably large number of Clan War samurai in a trade. So, if I use them for historical samurai I guess that makes them an atrocity?

      • TaoDeInsane

        Not at all, because the Clan War Samurai weren’t meant to be proper historical representations. Game with what you want, but I never see Clan War figs getting touted as accurate.

    • Price might be a factor for some, £6.50 for 6 Perry Samurai and £14.50/$19.95 for 25 Wargames Factory Samurai. So 24 Perrys work out at £26.

      Mine (WF) will be arriving next week, So I will be able to see what they look like then. Ashigaru next!

  • scarletsquig

    Regardless of historical accuracy, the sculpts seem to be an improvement on the usual WGF standard. Except for the guy with his leg poking through his armour.

  • jackgaudette

    Unfortunately WF’s talent has left the building.

  • Ghost

    These are horrible