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Wargames Factory Samurai preview

SamuraiWargames Factory have posted a preview of their upcoming 28mm plastic Samurai figures. From their announcement:
We expect the box set to contain 25 Samurai Figures. The armament will consist of Katana, Wakizashi and Yari. All will be armored with separate torsos, heads and legs. Arms, at the time of this posting, will have the weapon molded to the hand though that could change. Options for unit leaders will be included and some of the heads will be bare and a few may have face masks; all will have the option for Sashimono (back banners). Standard bearers and musicians will be found in our upcoming Ashigaru set (which, at the time of this post, will have 30-Ashigaru in armor and armed with either Yari, Yumi or Teppo ). Other sets planned in this range are Samurai Cavalry (12-figures) and a Samurai Lord with Retinue (6-figures). All sets, at the time of this post, will retail for $19.95 USD. Tentative release date is October/November 2011 for the Samurai. We are doing final tweaks on the sculpts and we would like all feedback to be directed to our home page at the link provided so we can take into account any corrections or ideas from those interested in posting constructive criticism. Mold cutting will probably start at the end of next week.