Wargames Factory Previews 15mm WWII Germans

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Feb 21st, 2012

Wargames Factory shows off a preview of their 15mm WWII Germans sprue.

From their preview:

Some new 15mm Germans for your WWII gaming fun. The figs look extremely customizable, letting you personalize your force. Always a plus there.

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  • ThunderOnTheTundra

    is it me or do these guys have a serious case of the 70mm stretch?

  • lordofexcess

    Glad to see more 15 MM plastic options!! I am not a fan of battlefront’s outrageously over priced mostly lead range. It is nice to see some really affordable 15 MM options on the market … bravo!

  • Absolutionis

    Whoa, they have several instances of the same model ON THE SAME SPRUE. That’s the epitome of laziness.

  • basilbrush

    I wonder how many sprues in the box. 6x standing ‘sniper’ is a bit extreme for a single sprue…

    With a closer look i feel like esci has really inspired them with a dash of revell thrown in

    • I think it is 84 figures to a box, so 2 sprues?

  • If that is an example of one of two sprues, then there is an issue – whilst they have some ‘nice to haves’ with a mortar and some panzerfausts / panzerschrek, they seem to be somewhat lacking in MG 42s

    From what I can see, they have 3 teams (1 firing, 2 moving) although I can only spot one other gunner – I must admit to prefering firing teams to moving ones.

    Especially with the number of duplicate sculpts, I don’t think these are half as good as the Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Germans.

  • I really don’t mind the duplicates – they’re going to be mixed up on different stands anyway.

    The fact that they’re single piece 15mm dudes which you can just whack on a base and get gaming with. That’s the major factor for me.

    It looks like I can put together several platoons for FoW with the box and have some guys left over for basing as singles to use in a more skirmish orientated game.

    I’m happy enough with the look of them to buy when I see them.

    • BaconSlayer

      I dunno, looking through the poses for the riflemen, they are all very static, upright, with one awkward-looking ‘action’ pose.

      • Yeah – looking over the poses I agree they’re very retro Green Army Men in many cases but in a nostalgic, ‘I remember when…’ way I actually quite like that.

        I think that’s why, despite being a great fan (and buyer) of the higher end miniature ranges (usually in 28-30mm) I still feel attracted to these.

        It’s also where they fit in my gaming, when minis are mostly for multiple men on a base, I’m more forgiving on sculpts.

        Looking through the comments I think WF ought to adjust the pose mix if they can before release. I agree with many of the comments – plenty of room for improvement there. But, due to the weapon mix & low end price point, if they didn’t it wouldn’t be that big a deal for me personally

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    Do you prefer these to the Plastic Soldier Company’s?

    • I think the Plastic Soldier Company stuff looks great, you certainly get a load of guys and it’s one of the boxes I’ve been thinking of getting. I may well get some of their stuff after I’ve completed my first force.

      But I think I prefer the variety and mix of weapons in this box, it gives me a bit more wriggle room on armament. I’m only just dipping my toe in proper wwii (as opposed to alternate wwii) so as a newbie to the area this one appeals to me.

  • I think the balance could swing again fairly shortly, as the PSC is bringing out a heavy weapons box for WW2 Germans.
    The initial German box set simply had infantry, officers and LMGs. The heavy weapons box will include mortars, HMGs, Infantry AT weapons etc. They have already released a Russian version of these in 20mm, so that will give you some idea of what will be in these heavy weapon box sets.
    This should mean that 2 boxes (one of each) should give you enough minis for an a company+ for the vast majority of OOBs

  • white car man

    84 figs is good VFM then you must deceide.
    good points they are cheap
    plastic,so some cutting around ,some putty & you have some more variation

    bad points poses. There was some talk on the poses, being mostly negative but they have gone with their (WF) ideas anyway. join their forum & make suggestions

  • TylerT

    i wonder how well using heat to repose these guys would work? also those guns are TINY i expect them to break off at the slightest touch.

  • bishnak

    For use in wargames, those poses are garbage 🙁

    Give me standard guys advancing in various poses any day over multiples throwing grenades, launching rifle grenades (?!), carrying ammo and standing and firing from the shoulder …