Wargames Factory plastic Greatcoat Trooper retailer pre-orders

Wargames Factory is soliciting pre-orders for their plastic 28mm Sci-fi Greatcoat Troopers from retailers and distributors.


From their announcement:

Wargames Factory is asking retailers and distributors to place their pre-orders for the upcoming Sci Fi Greatcoats – Shock Troops – hard plastic 28mm figure set.

From their announcement:
In case you haven’t heard, Wargames Factory’s most anticipated 28mm hard plastic set to date, our Shock Troops (Science Fiction Troops in Great Coats product number WGF-DF002) is about to be released – and we’re taking pre-orders to ensure we have enough product on hand.

Product Description
WGF-DF002 Shock Troops – Sci Fi Greatcoat Troopers. 18 figures with a huge variety of weapons – energy/laser weapons, rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, flame throwers, and more. There are also Command figures for squad/platoon leadership. Includes lots of extra bits for maximum conversion potential. 28mm hard plastic multi-part/pose set. MSRP: $19.95

These sets will make great conversion fodder for Games Workshop games- or as adversaries for our hugely popular hard plastic Zombies.

This set was developed out of our Liberty and Union League program and has garnered more “votes” than anything before it. With this new sprue we have taken our all-digital tooling production process to an entirely new level. These are incredibly sharp, highly-detailed plastic figures that will look incredible on any gaming table or display case.

Our request for you: This set is tearing up the forums on Warseer, DakkaDakka, TabletopGamingNews, YouTube and across the Web. We have never had a response like this to a new set before…and frankly we’re worried we won’t have enough on hand to satisfy demand. Please, please send in your “soft” (no commitment) pre-orders to Lonnie Mullins, our Director of Sales, to make sure we put enough into the first run to meat your needs. Lonnie can be reached at lonnie@wargamesfactory.com

Thanks again – we truly appreciate your partnership.