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Wargames Factory Persian Infantry now available online

Persian Infantry Wargames Factory are now offering their 28mm plastic Persian Infantry from their online store. From their announcement:
The year is 480 B.C. and the forces of the Persian God King, Xerxes, numbering some two million men, cross the Hellespont and marched like a swarm of locusts to invade and enslave Greece. Held for seven days at the pass of Thermopylae by a force of 300-Spartans and around 3,500 of their Greek allies, this vast horde was eventually defeated at Salamis and Plataea. Could you do better? Each Persian Infantry box set contains parts for 24 Persian soldiers and an assortment of weapons to give you the variety to create spear men, archers or any other infantry unit fielded by the Persian armies under Darius or Xerxes. $19.95 per box. Check out our website specials and don't forget your bases.