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Wargames Factory Heavy Armor Hoplites released

Wargames Factory have released their 28mm plastic Greek Heavy Armor Hoplites boxed set. Heavy Armor Hoplites From their announcement:
Now available to order: Classical Greeks in Heavy Armor - Hoplites
  • 30-miniatures per box
  • 28mm plastic multi-part miniatures
  • Figures come unassembled and unpainted
  • Suitable for use as any Greek city-state army including Athens and Sparta
  • They are either armored in bronze or linen cuirasses, have helmets, shields, spears and can be given swords
  • Shield decoration not provided
  • $19.95 MSRP (that's about $0.67 per figure)
Distributor and retailer orders went out this week so check your FLGS for availability There is a limited supply of these figures left in our warehouse for web orders; replenishment delivery is due in a couple of weeks by sea. Thank you for your continued support of Wargames Factory