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Wargames Factory Greek Hoplites available in Mid-August

Wargames Factory will be making their 28mm plastic Greek Hoplites available again.

Painted Hoplites

From their announcement:
Wargames Factory is pleased to announce that product number WGF-LG004, Greek Heavy Infantry - Hoplites/Spartans will be available in just a few more days. We're taking advantage of some low shipping rates and having them sent by air to our fulfillment center in Utah and we'd like to know how many we should have on hand for your initial orders (you can combine your Hoplite order with regular restocks as well). If you order through a distributor please contact them so that they can adjust their pre-order numbers.

Features of the set include:
  • 30-multi-part/multi-pose figures can be built from each set.

  • Molded in 28mm hard-plastic (approximately 1:48th scale but suitable for 1:60th, 1:56th or 1:48th scale)

  • Figures appear in Bronze, Leather or Linen (Linothroax) Armor, carry a Shield (Hoplon) and come with Greaves and Helmet (Corinthian Type)

  • Figures are armed with Spears and Swords (Kopis Type)

  • MSRP $19.95 (about £12.00 or €14.00 not including VAT)