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Wargames Factory add Skeleton Warriors to its web store

Wargames Factory have added their 28mm plastic Skeleton Warriors to their online store. Skeletons From their announcement:
Shambling mounds of bleached bones rising up from the battlefields where they were struck down; corroded weapons and shields clutched in their lifeless hands. Their sightless orbs in skulls denuded of flesh searching for the foes of the dark powers that command them from their resting places. Skeletons are the ultimate soldier as they no longer fear death and have, in fact, become death itself for every foe that they strike down rises again to swell their ranks. Each Skeleton box contains 30 Skeleton warriors and an assortment of weapons to give you the variety of creating whatever force suits you best. $19.95 per box. Also don't forget to purchase bases with your skeletons. Check out the Web Store for our specials and don't forget your bases (we have them for sale too).